Medicinal Properties of Cumin

cumin    Cumin_Ground

Cumin, a flavorful spice, is valued as a medicinal herb. For thousands of years, herbal (Ayurvedic) practitioners have used Cumin dry seeds and Cumin in powdered form to treat a wide variety of ailments. Cumin is a powerful cancer-preventing herb. Study has revealed that Cumin may slow the growth of breast and colon cancer cells. Cumin appears to act against cancer via its strong radical scavenging activity. Cumin also has detoxifying and chemo-preventive properties and accelerates secretion of detoxifying and anti-carcinogenic enzymes from the glands. Packed with anti-oxidants like vitamin-C and vitamin-A, it is particularly good remedy for breast and colon cancer.

Cumin kindles the gastric fire and improves the absorption of minerals in intestines. It is a good source of iron and keeps immune system healthy. Water boiled with cumin seeds is good for coping with dysentery. Other properties of Cumin are its potential to stimulate digestion, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-thrombosis (prevention of blood clots), atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), dyspepsia, flatulence, ear infections, general health maintenance, hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol), hypoglycemia (high blood sugar), and preservative. Cumin has been used as a diuretic (increases urine production), carminative (prevents gas), astringent, and emmenagogic (stimulates menstruation) agent.

When combined with caraway seed and black salt, Cumin seeds provide an effective treatment for renal colic.

Adding Cumin with spices such as turmeric, cayenne pepper, black pepper, garlic, cinnamon, and other spices to your diet may heal and prevent many health conditions, while improving your overall health.

According to 4000 years old ancient Indian Holistic Science, Ayurvedic Science, the foundation of good health is good digestion! Herbs and spices play a key role in this. So using these spices, you are not only making the food dishes tastier but they are healthy too.

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