Traditional Goa Music

Gonzaga Coutinho ,  pianist, singer, author and composer of several musical works, got all his inspiration music in the 60s. Possessing a talent and a vast musical experience gained throughout his career, has aroused sympathy for numerous throughout the country and abroad participated in the RTP Song Festival and several television programs, and continues to act in concerts throughout the country In 2002 he recorded his first album “Indian” with the participation of Kyao Rao, Olavo Bilaspur, Dani Silva among others. “SAUDADES TONE” in 2006, was his second work discographic a tribute to the Portuguese maestro Tom Jobim, which included the collaboration of various musicians and friends including Rui Veloso, Ivan Lins and Sofia Vitória. During 2010 writo “GOA Shangrila” a CD with 10 songs of traditional Goan music, with appearances by Rao Kyao, William Carlos and Susana Brito, one devoted work for World Music songs touting the former Portuguese overseas provinces Goa, Daman and Diu. “SHANGRI- LA GOA “was launched on national and international level in 2011.